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Picture of diamond wedding ring resting on wooden ring in a green mossy area with very shallow depth of field


Your Friendly Neighborhood Wedding Photographer

Environmental picture of Houston Dragna wearing a green shirt and black hat on an escalator in a tunnel

Hey there,


I'm Houston Dragna, your wedding photographer and cinematographer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I'm not just here to capture moments – I'm here to make you the main character of your story.


My journey with photography and videography started years ago, fueled by a passion for turning life's most beautiful moments into timeless art. But what truly defines my work is the kind, calm, and caring approach I bring to every shoot. I thrive on capturing the real, unscripted emotions that make your love story uniquely yours.


Beyond the lens, I'm a husband of 10 incredible years and a proud father, with another little one about to join our adventure. I understand the significance of each fleeting moment.


Your wedding day is your epic tale, and I'm here to ensure you shine as the star. Let's talk about your dreams, your vision – I'm all ears. Reach out today, and let's turn your love story into a masterpiece.


Looking forward to connecting,

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